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gc-host-icon-imran Imran Ahmad
Soca Raja Soca Raja ,is Just an Ordinary Simple guy with a Heart filled with MUSIC. Listen to me on GUYANA CHUNES and minutes into the program, you will be able to sense the happiness that overwhelms me whilst doing the broadcast.
To my Fans worldwide, more especially those in my native Guyana, it’s with your Love and Support that I have made it thus Far and I know with your continued Blessings and Encouragement, I will always find the energy to make it to the studio to entertain you with my songs and dialogues, and to climb those Steps to the Stage and sing my Heart out for you. Aside from Family, Music has been My First Love, My Best Friend, My Consolation, and the Greatest Happiness I have ever known all my Life.
Personally, I feel to be Given the Honor of being able to Share it with all of You, is the most Blessed Gift God has bestowed upon Me. I do think that it is a Sacred Humbling Gift to know that with a single Song, and now with playing songs on Guyana Chunes, that I can bring Happiness to the Hearts of Thousands worldwide. Again to my Fans, Friends and Family, my Gratitude, my Heartfelt Thanks for the Encouragement, the Love, and Support and to of course to God, Thank you for the Music for Without it, I probably would have Lost my Mind by now! From the Humble Beginnings to yet still a very Humble man, I shall Never forget from Where I came and to those of you who have Touched my Life along the Way, I remain forever Grateful for your Friendship.
Pooja Ram Dj Bass

Fantastic Soundz Kevin, Eleven years old, How can I know what I want to be in life? I had a suitcase filled with cds; soca, reggae, chutney, Bollywood and more. My dad had a 2000 watt music system with 2 x 15 inch speakers and all I remember how excited I was to play it that was my hobby. I was ask to play at a family party at this young age and when the night was over I got lots of praise and everyone love how I mix the music.
It was this moment that inspired me to become a Disc Jockey. My first gig was a small house birthday party and everyone enjoy my session. Every day I continue to learn more and strive to be better. Over the years I was able to upgrade my equipment so I can have a better system and sound much cleaner.
This is what I love to do and making people enjoy good music keep me playing. Now I join the Save Abee Foundation, Guyana ChunesTM Abee RadioTM “They Play Music, Abee Buss Chunes”TM. I find this organization that share my passion and I am happy to be part of TEAM ABEE.
Shanaz Hussain Shanaz Hussain, the Community’s Sweetheart. Originally from Berbice, Guyana, Shanaz has always been a music lover. Through Guyana Chunes, she does her best to share that love to listeners around the world.
She comes to Guyana Chunes with prior broadcasting experience. She is one of the few female hostesses and Producer of her own television show, Shanaz Musical Sensation (SMS), which airs Saturday’s on Time Warner channel 96 and
She is a dedicated family woman and still devotes much of her time to the community. Shanaz is currently a spokesperson for the Suicide Epidemic Prevention, founded by Anand Boodram.
This is a growing campaign to address the major issues both home and abroad, regarding suicide and other major crisis. She has emceed numerous community events and fundraisers. Shanaz is truly a warm and welcome addition to the Guyana Chunes family. Her genuine love for her people and culture family has certainly earned the right to be referred to as the Community’s Sweetheart.
Dj-VeeJay_New Dj Veejay

Veejay Anthony Mangry is a young and upcoming Dj and Singer. He has worked with big names such as Terry Gajraj, Anant Hansraj (A9) and The Supertones along with many more. He started to Dj around 2013 but stopped to focus more on his singing career. He started again in March of 2015 on Guyana Chunes Abee Radio. “It is an honor to be apart of the Guyana Chunes Family”.
nvs-gc-logo Dj NVS
Gemstone International
Dj Rupee DJ Rupee, Born in Guyana and raised in South Florida. Music has been my life and my passion. I am here on Guyana Chunes Abee Radio to do only one thing and that is to buss chunes.

My name is Sheena Balgobin, I am the host of Sunday Lime here on Guyana Chunes.
I didn’t just start off as a radio host,  My life revolved around dancing, that became my passion, not just a hobby but my life. At the age of 7 years old I began learning the art of dancing, I have to give a lot of credit to the late and beloved David Ali for him I became something I never knew I could be, at 16 years old I opened my own dance school with 34 girls, I partnered up with another great dancer at that time Shivani Chattergoon. I won New York Mastana Bahar at the age of 20, in 2010. I continued dancing for 2 years after that, and decided to close my school, because I had other major commitments. I have modeled after that including Miss New York USA. Today I stand proud to be hosting on one of the largest West Indian radio program.
Ralph Rramja is creator and host of American Desi Music & Talk, a weekly music, news, and entertainment program focusing on American music and culture influenced by South Asian and the Indian lifestyle in the US, Europe, and India.
Airing from the home of Motown music in Detroit, Michigan,  American Desi Music & Talk’s listeners get to enjoy popular Desi songs from Asia, UK, Canada, and the United States as Ralph Rramja and his colleague, Jason Jekyll discuss the latest news topics, and plays the hottest music in the nation. Its Bollywood meets Hollywood with flavors to keep you wanting more each week.
A native of Trinidad and Tobago in the West Indies. Currently, residing in Detroit, Michigan.
Ralph Rramja is taking the broadcasting industry to a new level with American Desi Music and Talk and changing the way music is heard.
Jason Dasrath

Hi Everyone, Jason Dasrath here. In short, I’m a crazy guy. I love to think outside of the box, create new ideas and make all of my dreams a reality. I do what I do because I love my people and my culture. Like many, I recognize the need for change in this industry. I’m one man, but together, we are an army and we can bring back the golden age of chutney. If ever you need to contact me regarding advertising, greetings, or just to say hello, my number is 917-545-4330 or email me at

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